Sunday, August 23, 2009

D. Gold Cal 6-Pak

California law allows each patient to grow six mature plants anywhere in California. The law says that individual cities and counties may pass legislation to allow more, but no locality can pass a limit that is lower than the statewide standard. Here we will cover what I consider to be one of the easiest, least-expensive, and most sure-fire ways to grow a substantial quantity of high-quality meds indoors.

This is the method I have taught in the Sunday grow class at Harborside Health Center, and hundreds of growers have used this simple method to provide themselves and other patients with their necessary medications. We have strived to keep everything as simple and foolproof as possible, yet to still provide all the conditions necessary to produce top-quality medicinal cannabis.

As I say often in the class, spending more money on more complicated equipment in the beginning does not necessarily make the growing easier, or success more likely. In many cases, a complicated high-tech rig with all the bells and whistles may be too difficult for a novice to handle correctly. What is absolutely necessary to successfully grow good cannabis is to maintain the proper conditions and parameters in the grow space. There aren’t many of these factors, and they are easily monitored and regulated. They are: 1) temperature, 2) humidity, 3) light, 4) feeding, 5) pest and mold control.

Temperature. I was recently told by a grower of some wonderful GDP that he believes the ideal temperature for the grow room to be 73 degrees. Sounds right to me! I would put the range at between 60 and 80 degrees for high quality cannabis production with none of the problems that come from a temperature that is too high or too low. If the temperature occasionally goes above 80 but not above 85, that is usually okay. If it stays above 80 all the time, it is best to take steps to lower it.

Humidity. Right around 50% or 55% seems to be ideal. Worry a bit (and take mold prevention procedures) if it stays at 60% or more. If it is staying around 65%, do something fast.

Light. When growing indoors, it is almost always necessary to use a high-powered HID light made especially for the task and available from the grow store. Some growers are actually having some success with compact fluorescents, but on a very limited level (see See More Buds book).

Feeding. By providing the plants with the proper nutrients and growing them in the right organic potting soil, one can expect high-quality medicinal cannabis if all the other factors are met.

Pest and mold control. If all the above factors are accounted for, and pests are kept at bay or eliminated, good results can be expected.

Coming soon here: Building the ideal 6 plant indoor room and growing the ideal 6 plant outdoor garden.  Stay tuned!

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